Purpose and Principles

Religious AF offers, open, non-judgmental, non-commodified Christian spiritual hospitality, prayer and conversation to all burners. We are a place of spiritual healing and safety.


We are explicitly Christian. Our rituals, scripture, and prayer come from the Christian tradition.

We respect the value and validity of other spiritual paths.

We offer hospitality, conversation, prayer and ritual to all who seek it: gay, trans, straight, high, sober, clothed, naked, polyamorous, monogamous, celibate, gracious and grumpy.

Decommodification: we are not at Burning Man to sell Christianity, Jesus, the Church, or our camp. We are here to freely offer blessing, prayer, ritual and hospitality.

We are sensitive to the ways toxic Christianity has harmed people. We are careful in using triggering symbols, such as the Latin cross, or a predominance of male-centric language for God and humans.

We come to Burning Man because we experience God here. The generosity, openness, mutual support, creativity and playfulness is, in many ways, how we envision God’s dream for all of humanity.

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