Our Story

Religious AF is a Burning Man theme camp that is a place for prayer, blessings, conversation and spiritual healing. We offer blessings, morning prayer and afternoon open conversations at our camp as well as worship services at the temple.

During 2011-2016, the founders of the camp attended Burning Man independently, camping with other theme camps.  The experiences of divine grace out on the Playa connected to their faith so deeply that they were drawn to talk about their experiences at Burning Man back in the default world.   

In 2015, the Facebook group, “Episcopalians at Burning Man” was started.  Members of this group held a communion service Temple during the 2016 Burn. The response to the service was so positive that it became clear there was a hunger for more services and opportunities to talk about God. The idea of a camp was born, as well as the camp name – Religious as Fuck.

In 2017 the “Episcopalians at Burning Man” held a communion service and a burial service at the Temple. One member camped at a prototype Religious AF camp.

2018 was our inaugural year. The Religious As Fuck theme camp was established. We had 9 campers, 4 services at the temple (3 of them with communion), and hosted 7 days of morning prayer from 10-10:30 AM and Sacred Space 2-4 PM in camp.  We witnessed neighbors develop such a friendship with us that we were able to have honest and healing conversations. We shared ritual and sacrament with people hungry for something sacred. And we supported each other in opening our hearts and minds to what God may be speaking to the Church through the Burning Man experience.

The success of that camp gave us the momentum and a cadre of core members that enabled us to do a better job of organization and planning. Our 2019 camp was very successful with 17 campers, a much more attractive camp, an attendance of over 70 at each of our Temple services.