Here are links to sermons and posts that reflect on RAF camper’s experiences at Burning Man:

The Intersection Podcast: PARTY meets PRAYER at Burning Man  For season three of the Intersections Podcast, David Boyer is featuring different aspects of Burning Man, including one episode on Religious AF. It is beautifully done and includes Jesus, pot, fishnets, prayer and the line, “But these days Religious as Fuck feels more radical than the Orgy Dome.”
It’s 20 minutes well spent.

Communion on the Playa – The Christian Century
An article by one of our campers reflecting on our Temple memorial service. Published in the Christian Century.

Putting Christian Faith on Burning Man
A report on Religious AF in the journal of the Church Divinity School of the Pacific.

What We Learned in 2019
A post compiled but a number of leaders in 2019, reflecting upon our experience at the 2019 burn and some of our guidance to the Church on how to minister well to those who are spiritual but not religious.

Grieving at the Temple
Ellary Allis wrote a terrific blog post about the Burning Man Temple. She stumbled upon our Friday memorial service and included a reflection on it in this post, in the section Ritual at the Temple.

Opening Eucharist Sermon 2019
The Rev. Amelie Wilmer preached at our opening Temple service. We were surprised by the large crowd of 70-80 people who came.

Religious AF on the Practice Makes Perfect podcast
Brian Baker was interviewed by Matt Sandoval in April of 2019.

The 5 things that make Burning Man special This post on Brian Baker’s blog is a helpful introduction to Burning Man culture.

 I Went to the Desert Last Week
Carren was a virgin Burner who camped with us. This sermon was preached a few days after she returned home from the 2018 Burn.

Do you use Cannabis?
Written by Brian Baker, this post recounts and encounter with a neighbor.

Burner Podcast: A Priest on the Playa
Interview with Brian Baker after the 2017 Burn

Welcome Home – A Reflection on Burning Man
Sermon preached after Brian Baker attended his first Burning Man in 2015

Return from Burning Man II — The Temple
When Brian went in 2015, he left before the burning of the Man and Temple. In this sermon he reflects on is experience of returning to the Playa and the power of the Temple burn. (Sorry, the entire video is out of focus.)

To Burning Man
This is Brian’s reflection on preparing to attend his first Burn in 2015

Chronic disease advocate and founding member of Religious AF, Charis Hill, reflects on her experience of attending Burning Man as a person with Ankylosing Spondylitis.
2018 Worth All the Regrets – My Third and Sickest Burn
2017 The Skeleton I Found at Burning Man
2016 Burning Man and My Disease