Camping With Us


Religious AF is an intentional Christian community that also offers hospitality to non-Christians who are interested in supporting our mission. We like to think of ourselves as a pop-up monastery, with members devoted to daily spiritual practice and serving the community, while also offering hospitality to sojourners. 

To discern whether or not you may be called to camp with us, please look over our Purpose and Principles. There are a few important things to consider in your discernment:

  1. We love Burning Man and embrace the 10 Principles as helpful in our spiritual journeys. It is important that those who camp with us are open to connect with the wider ethos of Burning Man.
  2. We are Christian and seek to be a faithful, praying community. If that that totally freaks you out, we may not be the camp for you.
  3. We honor other religious paths and seek to build bridges between, and learn from, other faith traditions. if you think Christianity is the only valid spiritual path, then this is probably not the camp for you either.
  4. While there are benefits to being a part of a theme camp, there are costs as well. We have dues of $150. You will be required to help in planning and while you are on Playa, participate in the life of the community which includes chores, camp meetings, services, tear-down and some setup. 
  5. We are hoping campers can camp with us for the entire Burn, which means arriving before dinner on Monday and staying until Exodus on Sunday.  Not all campers can do this, but we will give priority to those who are committed to stay for a longer period of time. For tickets we have to allocate, we will give priority to those who can arrive early to help build the camp. 

If you are interested in camping with us, please email us at We will add you to our email contact list. Tickets go on sale in March. We will email everybody early in the year to prep for ticket sales. Also, one of the camp leaders may speak with you about your interest and help discern if the camp may be a good fit for you.

The primary limiting factor to attending Burning Man is the number of tickets to the event. The main sale usually sells out in 30 minutes or so. There are ways to get tickets after the main sale but they take patience and you may not know if you will get a ticket until the last minute. This process is not for the faint of heart. But we can guide you through the process.

If you get a ticket you can then go to Burning Man. Because of limited space in our camp, we may not be able to invite you to camp with us. Many people camp by themselves, or with friends, in the open camping area.

If you get a ticket and are able to camp with us, you will be invited to join one of our five committees that help plan and run our camp: building, program, chapel decor, camp life and kitchen. Committees meet via email and video.  For those that are able, there may be opportunities to meet in California to do some prep work.

Burning Man 2020 will run from August 31 to September 7.  The bulk of our setup team will go on Thursday, August 27 with some going as early as Tuesday, August 25. We are always looking for people who would like some extra time on the Playa to help with the setup.